The_new_bed_1What a big step not just for little one.      

Oh! The anxiety that step for her mum!

Was she ready, was she scared- would she cry?

Her very own big bed in which to lie.


She was growing so fast day by day,

The tiny little baby days, so far away

I had to let go and let her move on.

We looked at some beds and found just the one.


I read some info and gleaned some news,

From Rochelle’s’ and Gill’s nurturing views.

Rochelle’s* ‘let them be independent and free'.

Gill* said 'feel the space - play happily'.


The bed arrived, all flat packed and boxed.

Daddy Stepped up with tools – he wouldn’t be foxed!

His little assistant was his daughter by his side.

They constructed the bed and followed the guide.


The_new_bed_5It stayed in the lounge for a day or 2,

We waited for the mattress to come through.

There we read books and made tents with a rug,

Tucked teddies in bed and kissed them – all snug.


Plump pillow, clean sheets - tonight was the night

Oh what a reaction! Her sheer, utter delight!

She bounced and giggled and rolled with Joy

She fell back and whooped.  No acting coy


Such an easy transition, the new bed was a breeze.

Good bye baby cot, hello bed by myself with ease.

The cot’s in the loft for the next little one,

Next time I won’t be such an anxious mum!


The bed was the KidKraft Sleigh bed

Some of the images are blurred-there was A LOT of movement and fun!


* Rochelle's post via facebook on 31st december 2011

   Gill's Post via her blog  Moving Smart


Warm wishes everyone


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