Toys-Naturally-Logo-Girl-resizedI set up Toys Naturally after I was made redundant during maternity Toys-Naturally-Logo-Boy-resizedleave. Lots of naïve optimism was needed and still is. But I am enjoying it and learning exponentially. My daughter, nephew, niece and unborn child are very much my inspiration and drive. The focus is 100% on little people and their parents. I hold stock of EVERYTHING. If it’s not in stock, I say so clearly on the site. I believe in offering a really good service and offering quality products that offer enduring play value which ultimately leads to children learning and progressing independently.

I want to get orders out to people quickly, so everything

is dispatched within 24hrs and is sent by first class royal mail (not second class or standard parcel which is what so many internet traders do to try to cut costs, but the result is slow delivery times and a higher incidence of failed deliveriesL). Orders should arrive within1-3 days and if someone is out, it gets left at the local post office which is usually just down the road, as opposed to with a couriers depot a million miles away which requires one having to wait or re-arrange delivery or pay extra for it to be delivered on a Saturday.

I package everything with gift grade tissue and toys naturally seals, I use only card and paper packaging and tape and biodegradable document wallets, so it can all go straight into the recycling. I want to do my bit to preserve the planet for our children!  I have tried, wherever possible to select toys with an environmentally aware ethos, or ones that are at least manufactured in Europe so have significantly reduced air miles/carbon footprints.  I have also checked that all manufacturers use FSC wood in the manufacture of the toys and of course that all fall in line with the European CE safety code requirements.

Equally important is that the toys look good and are inviting – not just to children but to parents and carers to, so that they are drawn into the play and so that toys and play become a natural part of any environment. They should also be open ended with as many different ways to play with them as possible (not achievable with every toy, but there’s lots of really outstanding products, especially in wood) which is brilliant for developing skills and cognitive function, but doubly good as it also means more play value and bang for buck’


Wood You Play?