Top 10 Boys Names for 2011-2012.


NameI’m expecting my second baby and so the question of names is very much a topic of conversation. We waited to find out the gender of our daughter, and settled on a girls name very quickly, while I was pregnant, we had a couple of boys name options but never had to debate those. It was really easy first time around!


Second time around we have decided to have the gender toys naturallyrevealed and we are

having a boy. The boy’s names we had debated first time around just don’t seem to fit this time and so we have been thinking through others, with a few starting to stick. I decided to do a Google search on the most popular names in the UK, out of curiosity. I am never sure whether these lists are produced for parents desperate to conform and fit in and thus doom their child to being one of 3 or 4 of the same namesake in a class or whether they are produced for parents who want to be different and resort to extreme names like ‘River’ (yes as in the actor Phoenix) to ensure their child is absolutely unique in name.


Either way neither of our children’s names appear on the lists (I will be doing girls next week, so watch this space), however what I found most interesting was that the top 3 lists were all consistent with the first 4 or 5 names but then showed some variation in order or name as one went down the list. Curious!


oliverI felt it pertinent to go a bit further and look at the meanings of the top 5 names in each list which I’ve done from a 2003 edition of baby names and star signs published by D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd ©Geddes & Grosset, David Dale House, New Lanark, ML11 9DJ (The top 5 is a cumulative 7 names across the 3 lists I looked at).


What are the next generations of men destined to be and represent based on their name?


Oliver-Derived from olive tree and representative of peace

Jack-A diminutive form of John meaning ‘God is Gracious’jack

Harry-A diminutive form of Henry meaning head of the house

Thomas-means Twin

Alfie-Diminutive of Alfred meaning good or wise counsellor

Charlie –Diminutive of Charles meaning strong; manly; noble spirited.

James-Aversion of Jacob meaning supplanter which is one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another, basically a usurper.


harry       charlie

Here are the lists with the relevant links.


1 Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Charlie
5. James
6. Joshua
7. Alfie
8. Thomas
9. Jacob
10. Ethan


1 Oliver

2 Jack

3 Harry

4 Charlie

5 Thomas

6 Alfie

7 William

8 James

9 Joshua

10 George




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