Saying Goodbye


I am generally not a fan of goodbyes. I almost don’t believe in them. They always feel so final and yet they rarely ever are. However this week I am saying goodbye to the residence of all the Toys Naturally toys. I am rather excited.


All the Toys - since the beginning, have been kept in an office building on Norwood road DSCF0625behind the local co operative. I took the space over on the 1st June 2011 with the first massive boxes of stock arriving later in June.  It has been a safe, dry, smoke free room with limited natural sunlight which has kept the packaging bright. Our ‘neighbour' was a friendly counsellor called Julie. I have visited the room in the early hours of the morning, when it was cold and dark in the lead up to Christmas 2011 to load up for Christmas markets. I found this a very challenging time and with hind site trapsing up and down ALL THOSE FLIGHTS of stairs with heavy boxes was probably harder than it should have felt because I was actually a few weeks pregnant although I didn’t know it yet.  The storage space has been a quiet constant. At times I would stand at gaze in trepidation at what was there and at times with complete excitement, especially when unpacking new stock and seeing new toys for the first time.


I really really really am happy to say good bye to the stairs…yes they kept me fit, but

with big boxes of stock they were challenging.DSCF0623DSCF0622


The double entry secure codes on the entrance doors and the mortis lock on the office door meant I never had to worry about security, I was pretty confident things were safe, and on the mornings I spent packing up goodies and folding tissue into boxes the complex was quiet, my toys were in a calm place, and well rested before they began their life for what they were intended and fulfilled their purpose.



And so after 1 year and a few weeks, we will be moving to a new home and new begininngs, I will be updating the address book and information page next week.



Next week I will blog about where the new toy home is. I can hardly contain myself. It is beautiful and perfect and ….watch this space.