New Global Head Quarters


Last week we moved to our new home and simultaneously the new home of toys naturally….the new global headquarters, located in the idyllic surrey hills. We are surrounded by the very green and very pleasant land of England at its absolute best. National trust land is on our doorstep, with a 2 mile nature play trail, miles of walks, and even a river complete with stepping stones. There is something incredibly peaceful,

rejuvenating and nurturing about the place. We are so very happy to be here.


IMG 13841We are surrounded by forest, farm land and  greenery, fit people on bikes and horses, hikers and runners and dog walkers. As the sun finally breaks through the seemingly endless months of grey wet weather I cannot think of a better place to be. From a Toys Naturally point of view we are on the doorstep of the local post office which is so convenient and will make our carbon footprint significantly reduced from what it was before, and it wasn’t that significant before. It will make the quick turnaround time and deliveries I strive for infinitely easier to achieve.


Most of the stock is unpacked and at 37 weeks pregnant now, I am relieved to be moved, mostly in …AND STILL pregnant. It has been somewhat challenging and I have ‘felt’ very pregnant on some of the days when I spent extensive time on my feet and lots of bending and lifting-all the things one is advised not to do, but when left with little alternative one has to do. And luckily my baby and body have coped with only the odd ache and some fatigue. There are so many things I am so incredibly grateful for right now and feel so truly blessed. My health and that of my family is one of them.


We have moved just in time to be in place for the start of the Olympics and will see the men’s and women’s Olympic cycle IMG 13821go past us no less than 8 times! The road outside is a hive of activity today, two days before the event, with officials, police cars, porter loos and the like. The bunting industry must surely be having a bumper year this year and then there is the excitement of spotting one or more of the actual Olympic athletes getting in their last preparations on the hill. I have caught the odd glimpse of small pelotons with their support vehicles in tow through my front window as I sit here tapping away We will be out cheering team GB on this weekend and that will definitely be the subject of next week’s blog! With Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish dominating the tour de France and Bradley being the first Brit ever to win the Tour, we are set for an incredibly exciting and privileged day.