IMG 1409In my last blog I introduced our beautiful new location and home for Toys Naturally, and promised a blog this week about the Olympic cycle which passed along our door step 9 times in the mens race and twice in the ladies.

We had a truly thrilling day, with the weather being particularly kind on the Saturday and not too bad on the Sunday for the ladies' race. The pavements were busy enough with neighbours and villagers for there to be a buzz but not so busy that we couldn’t get clear views of the Olympians as they whizzed passed…and boy do they whizz. I had hundreds of pictures of hedge and empty road as my shutter speed wasn’t quite quick enough to catch them, however there were a couple which I seemed to time just right and managed to get some good images.

I intended to post this blog earlier in the week, but with on going unpacking of boxes, no child care so relying heavily on nap time... AND the Olympics going on there has been much competing for my time!

The arrival of our new addition draws ever nearer,

with a night of very convincing Braxton hicks last week whipping us all into an excited frenzy, as a second timer I really ought to know better, but the threat of an early arrival with all the heaving and hauling of the move hadn’t left my consciousness. I do think you have to have at least one false alarm before any baby arrives to make you quickly realise what still needs doing and get it done in a blind panic before the wee one arrives.

And so going back to the Olympics and the scenes last night of Mo Farah winning gold in the 10 000m and his heavily pregnant wife embracing him on the track, Jess Ennis and the out pouring of gratitude she showed when interviewed on winning her well deserved gold and Greg Rutherford’s fantastic win and another out pouring of gratitude. What fantastic ambassadors they all are.

Go Team GB!