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Wooden Animals

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Wooden Toy Animals. Toys Naturally Stocks an extensive range of wooden animals. Classically wooden animals make up what is known as ‘small world’ play. This is the world in miniature which allows to children to enact the world and interpret it as they see it. In so doing they have the freedom to assimilate their world and figure it out. Within the wooden animal collection Toys Naturally has families of animals, Mummy, Daddy and Baby Lion for example, allowing for children to act out nurturing role play. There are also extensive sub collections. These include Wooden Farm Animals. – Wooden animals which include classics like wooden toy cows, bulls, calves and chickens and of course wooden toy horses. Toy Dinosaurs are intriguing to children and play an important part with knowledge and understanding of the world not to mention speech development. The wooden dinosaur parasaurolophus comes to mind!  There is a comprehensive array of wooden dinosaurs here on the Toys Naturally site. Wooden Wild Animals and Wooden African Animals abound. You will find the big five and more in the African Animal section. Lots of wild play and Safari awaits. Australia has got to be king for unusual and unique animals. The wooden animals in the Australian section include all the creatures you’d expect from down under, from kangaroo’s and koalas to an echidna and a wooden animal emu. Wooden animals of the ocean and arctic includes wooden animal favourites such as wales and dolphins as well as a crab who can add some cheeky small world fun and play Wetland wooden animals’ features some charming wooden toy ducks, geese, and swans The lakes and ponds can be completed with further wooden animal additions such as a frog, or salamander. The natural wooden animals are simplicity itself, they can be painted as a craft activity or used for a game of what’s in the bag. A cuddly looking wooden grizzly bear, sleek wooden Black Panther and even a beaver are waiting to be discovered in the North American section Wooden Animal section. Children can learn and appreciate red squirrels and badgers when they delve into the wooden animals from Europe. Wooden Animals from Asia has tigers and Panda’s waiting to be played with The main brands of wooden animals sold are Holztiger and Anamalz. Holztiger Wooden Animals stand for play value and quality. They are beautiful made, each wooden animal being handcrafted in Europe. This means reduced air miles and carbon footprint when bringing them in compared with other products made in china. The wooden animals are made from maple and beech wood using FSC forested wood. After shaping and sanding until satiny smooth the wooden animals are painted with water based colours, which allows the wood grain and natural qualities of the wood to show through. The wooden animals are typically collected and kept for years as a complete play world or as beautiful child hood keepsakes which make charming displays. The wooden animals in the Holztiger range are typically quite chunky and solid. All dimensions are displayed within each wooden animal product description. Anamalz wooden animals are relatively new to the world of wooden animals. They are created in Australia and the onus is very much on conservation and giving back to the world to preserve it. These kooky and friendly looking wooden animals have bendy limbs allowing them to be that much more expressive and playful. The wooden animals in the anamalz range use sustainable wood and textile products and injection moulding as an alternative to plastic for horns. Each anamalz wooden animal comes with a unique code allowing the proud owner to enter the anamalz world, where they can play games, acquire cool downloads and share animations. Anamalz has set up a trust fund Anamalz saving Animals committed to contributing funds to various wildlife and children’s charities around the world.