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Young Child & Preschooler 3+ years

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Wooden Toys for Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers have a much more sophisticated calibre of play than their younger counterparts. Their fine motor skills are more developed and their ability to concentrate and focus has progressed. They have imaginations and have mastered the art of pretend play. This also makes their need for resource and open ended toys generally more significant. Toys Naturally stocks a huge range of beautiful, intelligent, ethical wooden toys with this age group in mind. There is a pleasing assortment of musical instrument toys from wooden toy drums to all in one music bench toys. Harness the creativity that starts to burgeon at this age with a wooden framed chalk board/writing slate and chalk pieces or with a set of wooden play dough accessories. Tinti Bath and Water product take bath time and water play to a whole new level. We have an extensive range of Tinti bath products with lots of classic favourites like Tinti Crackling Bath There are endless hours of playtime to be had in a wooden toy kitchen either playing solo or with play mates. Role playing and pretend play at its best. The Toys Naturally wooden toy kitchens have all been chosen for their serious ability to function as vehicles of play as well as for their aesthetics. Stock the wooden toy kitchen pantry with a selection fine wooden toy food. Encourage healthy eating and balanced attitudes to food from the start with the help of wooden play food. Toys Naturally stock a small selection of wooden Dollhouses from time to time. All are neat and compact and suitable for any space. Automoblox are racing ahead literally and redefining wooden toys. Automoblox (discontinued) have been designed and created for maximum play and childhood play endurance. If you want value from a wooden toy then head for the Automoblox (discontinued) section Wooden Puzzles and wooden games have stood the test of time for play value and as toys for developing skills such as problem, solving reasoning and numeracy. Puzzles help establish spatial awareness, fine motor skills and concentration spans, while simultaneously building self-confidence and self-esteem. Wooden Puzzles and games additionally offer opportunities for shared play time with another sibling, play mate or with an adult, which can be the platform for nurturing and bonding and the deepening of relationships. Wooden animal toys are the backbone of small world play and provide the basis for imaginative play. Children will often play out day to scenes and assimilate changes and transitions through play. Wooden toy animals provide a fantastically open ended opportunity for this sort of play. Wooden Dinosaur toys come under this same umbrella, and while affording the same opportunities of wooden toy animals help children understand abstract qualities such as extinction. Wild animals available in the wooden toy animal section alongside wooden toy dinosaurs offer an easy and affordable way to increase knowledge and understanding of the world. Indeed for many children learning about exotic animals and experiencing them through wooden animal toys is the closest they will come to the real thing in child hood. Pocket money toys afford children a taste of independence and empowerment. As they are able to acquire something tangible and real with earned pocket money. There are goodies galore for under £5 in the wooden pocket money toys section. These double up as true treasures when used as party bag toys. They also make perfect stocking filler toys at Christmas. Stocking filler toys, party bag toys and pocket money toys by any name all equate to great value. Wooden toy aeroplanes like those from Fauna (discontinued) trade and the Bamboo toy cars from Hape Toys epitomize endless days of boyhood play and wild imagination. Walking ramp toys are a crafted classic with endless and for adults therapeutic play qualities. Germans have long been renowned as leaders in the wooden toy industry. The wooden toys from Grimms toys are testament to this. Beautifully crafted and designed toys with incredible play value and aesthetics. Wood you play?