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Toddler Toys age 1-3 years

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Wooden Toddler Toys and Wooden Toys for Toddlers Toddlers are extremely curious and constantly challenging the world around them. Their ability to test boundaries and explore is awe inspiring and paves the way for their learning. To keep up with their fast pace you need a lot of energy and versatility. Toys Naturally have a range of wooden Toys selected especially for Toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years. Wooden Puzzles and Wooden Games help toddlers hone their problem solving and reasoning abilities. Typically at this age their awareness of shape and colour and their ability to name a few develops. A wooden shape sorter is a favourite wooden toy for many. Wooden cube puzzles and simple large piece puzzles help build confidence and self esteem as toddlers work through and find out for themselves how pieces fit together. It can be hard but resist the temptation to enforce your perception of how a puzzle or wooden toy should be played with and give the toddler the freedom to explore and discover on their own. Push & pull wooden toys are another toddler staple. As toddler gain independent movement wooden toys for toddlers which can be pushed and pulled are a brilliant way to encourage further mobility. The giant rainbow rolling wheel from Grimms Toys is another variation of a mobility. Our range of wooden stacking toys is extensive. Wooden stacking toys work on fine and gross motor skills as well as creativity, problem solving and reasoning and concentration ability. Nesting box toys and wooden stacking cup toys are tidy variations on the theme of stacking toys. Wooden Blocks are the ultimate open ended toys and our selection of wooden toddler toys is completed by a range of beautiful wooden blocks from Ever Earth Toys, Grimms Toys and others. Nursery Rhymes, Singing and music are a brilliant way to develop speech and to incorporate communication, language and literacy play into every day. The collection of wooden music toys for toddlers is constantly evolving and being added to.